Product Care

All the EKATERINI jewellery is designed and manufactured to the highest standards.

The proper use and care will be able to maintain your jewelery longer.

All of the above tips apply to all jewelery available from the that we recommend you follow:

Everyday Use:
Avoid or minimize exposure in high temperatures or prolong stay in the sun.
Keep your jewellery dry and wear them after the use of cosmetic products and body lotions. Exposure in water, lotion, hair spray and other oil-based products can damage your jewellery. Stones may lose their shine and pearls can create stains.
Avoid wearing your jewellery to the beach, pool, and gym as well as during exercise. Seawater, pool water that contains chlorine and human sweat increase the chance of metal corrosion, plus that you can damage your jewellery by losing stones or parts of it.Tarnishing is therefore not a manufacturing fault.
Avoid contact of your jewellery with hard surfaces and other metals in order to avoid scratches and color changes.

When cleaning your jewellery use a soft dry colth.
Cleaning clothes that are impregnated with cleaning liquid used in silverware should be avoided because they can damage the metallic surface of the jewellery.
In rare occasions you can use a well-rigged damp cloth to clean the surface of your jewelry.
Soiled jewellery cords (from make up or sweat) can be washed with a very gentle cleanser and lukewarm water.Rinse with clean water and allow to dry at room temperature. Do not use detergent with chlorine or other reinforced cleaners because they can cause damage. Cords of leather not recommended coming in contact with water or detergent.

When not wearing your jewellery, store them in the fabric case that was included in the packaging.
Avoid storing all of your jewellery together in the same box/case because they can be damaged when rubbed against each other. Try to store them in the pouch that was included in the packaging.
Do not store your jewellery in the bathroom. The permanent exposure to moist and wet environment can cause damages that the manufacturer is not responsible for them.